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"Depressingly relevant and brilliantly discomfiting"
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Sorry, 1984 closed on 29 Oct 2016

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About the show

Robert Icke and Duncan Macmillan’s critically acclaimed production of 1984 returns to the Playhouse Theatre for a third time following successful tours in the UK, US and Australia. Headlong’s startling adaptation of George Orwell’s darkly dystopian novel has been staged and performed to over a quarter of a million people since its first run at the Nottingham Playhouse in 2013.

1984 takes place simultaneously within the past, present and future, creating a fractured sense of time and place that plunges the audience into the mind of protagonist Winston, a citizen of Airstrip One. Winston lives under an oppressive regime where basic human behaviours are punishable, such as having subversive thoughts or using certain words in the English language. He falls in love with a mysterious lady early in on the play, but hiding this relationship from the watchful eyes of Big Brother proves to be harder than expected.

Orwell’s 1984 is an important text in modern society, having popularised concepts such as Big Brother and Thought Crime. These ideas have become increasingly prevalent as governments continue to put in measures that constantly survey the general public. This production prompts audiences to consider the effects of overly authoritarian regimes, where everyone is always being watched.

1984 is adapted for the stage by Olivier Award-winning director Robert Icke and playwright Duncan Macmillan. Icke’s past credits include directing the recent smash-hits Oresteia and Romeo and Juliet, both produced at the Almeida Theatre. Macmillan’s writing credits include People, Places and Things , which picked up two 2016 Olivier Awards. 1984 also features spectacular digital videos from Tim Reid and chilling design by Chloe Lamford.

1984 opened on June 14th and will run until September 3rd 2016. As with the previous run at the Playhouse Theatre, 101 tickets will be sold at £19.84 for each performance.

Who Should See It?

1984 offers a fresh take on a classic story that has never felt so relevant, and will certainly be of interest to those familiar with the book and those new to it. The play contains themes of an adult nature and is recommended for children 14 and over. The production also contains loud noises and flashing lights.

Playing at

Playhouse Theatre
Northumberland Ave
Seating Plan

Playhouse Theatre seating plan

Booking period

14th Jun 2016

25th Jun 2022

29th Oct 2016

Running time

1 hour 40 minutes (No Interval)


Suitable for ages 14+