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Our Team

Founded in 2011 by a team of West End theatre experts, Cheap Theatre Tickets.com was designed to showcase the best of London theatre at the best possible prices. We aim to make it easy to discover new shows and pay the lowest price per ticket.

Honest Guides to Cheap Tickets

Unlike other ticketing websites we offer honest, unique and impartial advice on how to book each show. We link to other websites and strive to make booking tickets at the cheapest price easy.

Special Offers

We understand that visiting the theatre can be an expensive event, and therefore pull in offers from several London theatre agents for a wide variety of shows in London’s West End. Again the goal is to deliver shows at discount prices.

Our special offers are updated hourly to provide real-time pricing on a wide variety of shows both new and long running. Essentially, if there is an offer on the web we want to display it!