Best Cheap Seats For The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre London

It has played in the West End for over 20 years, and The Lion King remains a theatrical spectacle that has welcomed over 15 million people through its doors worldwide. This musical is so popular that it doesn’t need to keep its prices low: top price tickets can soar above £200. 

If that sounds like a lot of money, don’t worry. The Lion King is an affordable experience if you want to treat yourself to a theatre trip without blowing your budget. Keep reading to discover the best cheap Lion King tickets under £70, and get ready to have an unforgettable experience at one of London’s biggest shows.

What are the best value Lion King London seats? 

Ticket prices at The Lion King range from under £50 to over £200, and there are lots of seats in the cheaper price bands that cost less than half the price of premium seats. With 94 Restricted View seats across the auditorium and even more clear view seats for under £70, there are many good value options and hidden gems available whether you want to immerse yourself in the action from the Stalls or enjoy an amazing panoramic view of the entire stage from one of the Circles.

The Best Cheap Lion King Seats Under £70

Royal Circle K5 (from £66) The Lion King is thrilling when viewed from above, and these seats halfway back in the Royal Circle come highly recommended. One person who attended with their 6-year-old son raved, “I was delighted with these […] I would go for Royal Circle every time over expensive Stalls seats”! 

Top Tip: The rake is great at the Lyceum Theatre, but booster seats are available to rent if you’re worried your child won’t be able to see over other people’s heads. 

Stalls E8 (from £54) This seat at the end of row E is marked with a restricted view, but you will feel totally immersed in the story. In The Lion King, some cast members walk down the Stalls aisles before the show so these are fantastic for that little bit of extra magic. 

Top Tip: There are two Restricted View cheap seats at either end of Stalls Rows AA – P and they can be up to 39% cheaper than the seats next to them! You will only miss out on action at the extreme corners on the same side of the stage.

Grand Circle F26 (from £54) This seat has a central view of the stage, and although you miss some of the animals walking through the Stalls at the start of the show, you don’t miss any of the actual story.

Grand Circle B19 (from £54) Just one row back from the front of the cheapest seating area, this view is more distant but you can still enjoy the spectacle of dance, music and colour that leaps off the stage; you also avoid the safety rail. We’d go as far as saying this is one of the best value seats at The Lion King.

Top Tip: Grand Circle seats are popular for families because of the tiered seating, so don’t let the distance put you off. Most of us would rather sit in cheaper seats with a clearer view than behind a very tall person in the middle of the Stalls!

Grand Circle M33 (from £46) This is one of the cheapest Lion King seats at the Lyceum Theatre, so expect to miss out on some of the show’s richer details. However, for the position and price, reviewers say they would “highly recommend these seats to anyone”.

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Have you sat in any of the cheaper Lion King London seats or have any tips on how to save money at this popular musical? Let us know in the comments!

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