"Performed with gusto."
-The Evening Standard-

"A charming and intriguing adaptation."
-Gay Times-

"There are moments of exquisite staging."
-Broadway World-

Sorry, Captain Corelli's Mandolin closed on 31 Aug 2019

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The Evening Standard
"Melly Still’s production delights in rough invention: writhing bodies stand in for the Ionian sea or the roil of war, with explosions and earthquakes projected onto a buckled brass backdrop. Rona Munro’s script is performed with gusto by a tight, nimble ensemble."
Gay Times
"It’s a shame that there are a handful of missteps and that it’s rather too long, because at its heart Captain Corelli’s Mandolin tells a great story with some strong acting and production elements."
Broadway World
"With direction from Melly Still, there are some fine performances. Clare's Pelagia is headstrong and feisty whilst her father, Dr Iannis, is played with warmth by Joseph Long. Eve Polycarpou's musical accompaniment beautifully captures the pathos and pain of war."