"Ramped up to the absolute max"

"Deliciously flamboyant"
-Evening Standard-

"Eye-poppingly spectacular"
-The Guardian-

Sorry, Cinderella closed on 15 Jan 2017

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Daisy Bowie-Sell
Hugh Durrant's costumes for Clary, O'Grady and Holden are a cherry on top. They are ridiculously garish and drowned in sparkles - at one point Clary comes out dressed as a huge rooster. They are outrageous and hilarious and an eye-watering addition to a show that bodes well for the future life of panto in the West End.
Fiona Mountford
Still, Clary’s costumes are the best in Pantoland this Christmas and they get more deliciously flamboyant with each scene; at one point he arrives dressed as an exuberant rooster. Holden struggles, Mead is game and Barnes should hotfoot it back to proper theatre.
Michael Billington
I could have done with much more of this and rather fewer jokes about a coach-bestriding Dandini being pulled off by a line of guards. As my sage 11-year-old companion who admittedly enjoyed the show, remarked: “It is a bit rude.” That is the understatement of the year. This is a deeply knowing pantomime that suggests an unusual combination of radio’s Round the Horne and I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue.
Paul Vale
An all-star cast, family friendly comedy and fabulous production values mark pantomime's triumphant return to the Palladium
Broadway World
With a strong sense of nostalgia and general silliness, Cinderella offers the light escapism we come to expect from a classic British pantomime at this time of year.