"A gently miraculous masterpiece."

"[a] touching tale of kindness."
-The Evening Standard-

"A hugely uplifting watch."

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"It feels so organic that you almost don’t notice how carefully it’s been crafted. Individual stories are woven through rousing, foot-stomping, all-company choruses. Actors swap between playing locals and incomers with a fluidity that shows it’s just chance separating the two. It makes you look inwards to ask: what would I do in their place?"
Henry Hitchings
"But in the end its defining features are charm, energy and a real generosity of spirit, and audiences are left with a nagging question: in a situation like the one the people of Gander faced, would we do the same?"
"Whether always in touch with the realities of the world or not, Come From Away is wonderfully sung and produced. Most importantly of all, it has a feelgood factor that simply doesn't let-up. In divided times, that's a powerful antidote indeed."