""Astonishing in so many ways""
-The Daily Telegraph-

""A whole new layer of comedy""
-The Stage-

""Smart, fresh and relevant""

Sorry, Company closed on 30 Mar 2019

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Dominic Cavendish
"This is astonishing in so many ways it feels as if you’re hemmed in by reasons to cheer. Marianne Elliott’s re-imagining of Stephen Sondheim’s landmark experimental 1970 musical (with skittish book by George Furth) reboots a modern classic for the Tinder age. It’s sensational."
The Stage
"What do you call a revival that makes a show seem brand new? Company 2018 is more than a clever concept. Elliott has managed to take a 48-year-old musical that spoke to its time and made it speak precisely to us, now. Stephen Sondheim and Marianne Elliott unite for an astonishing reinvention of a classic musical."
Sarah Crompton
"It's thrillingly inventive and Craig's open-faced immediacy, the warm way she negotiates the journey, her pure voice, and her little exclamations of "wow", when she discovers just how messed up people's relationships can be, make her a likeable companion."