"[a] majestic reinvention"
-The Evening Standard-

"feels astonishingly new"
-The Stage-

"unsettlingly dreamlike"

Sorry, Death of a Salesman closed on 04 Jan 2020

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The Evening Standard
"And it’s in expressing Willy’s disintegrating mental state that Pierce truly excels. He is by turns frightened, affectionate, furious and lost, feelings moving through his face and body like waves."
Tim Bano
"This is a riveting and devastating production that breathes new life into the play."
"But Elliott and Cromwell’s taut, psychologically astute approach starts to bite as Willy’s disappointments mount. Instead of retreating into a world of his own, he drags the whole audience into his head, a place where tiny, decades-old disappointments blare like sirens."