"An ambitious update of Marlowe's play"
-The Independent-

"The show is really stolen by alt musical star Jenna Russell as a sullen, sarcastic and terrifying Mephistopheles"
-Time Out-

"The Game of Thrones star looks great in this Marlowe revival"
-The Daily Telegraph-

Sorry, Doctor Faustus closed on 25 Jun 2016

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About the show

Kit Harington starred as the wildly enigmatic Doctor Faustus in the Jamie Lloyd production, which opened at the Duke of York’s Theatre in April 2016. Christopher Marlowe’s famous work was given new life in a modern revival of a classic text.

Written in 1592, Doctor Faustus tells the tale of Faustus as he trades his soul to the devil for the power of black magic. This fatal decisions leads him into an intoxicating world of fame and fortune and he soon becomes a world-famous conjurer. Little does he know that there is a price to pay for his insatiable greed, and the devil soon makes a devastating reappearance.

Directed by Jamie Lloyd, this version of the production included darkly comic scenes written by Colin Teevan, which replace the original middle acts. Together, Lloyd and Teevan catapult Doctor Faustus into the present day, focusing on the greed and gratification of modern day society.

After rising to fame playing the brooding Jon Snow in HBO’s Game of Thrones, Doctor Faustus marked Harington’s first return to the stage since his role in the original cast of War Horse. Harington was also part of the cast for the Royal Court’s Posh and has film credits which include Pompeii and Testament of Youth.

Doctor Faustus featured lighting by Jon Clark and music and sound design by Ben and Max Ringham. The production was designed by Soutra Gilmour, Lloyd’s regular collaborator who had provided designs for his two most recent star-studded productions The Homecoming and The Maids. Doctor Faustus was a darkly gripping piece, which played at the Duke of York’s Theatre until June 24th 2016.

Who Should See It?

Fans of Game of Thrones had the opportunity to see Kit Harrington in the flesh, in a similarly brooding role. Those who know the original text enjoyed this revamped version, which had been given the classic Jamie Lloyd twist.

Playing at

Duke of York's Theatre
St Martin's Lane
Seating Plan

Duke of York's Theatre seating plan

Booking period

9th Apr 2016

22nd Feb 2020

25th Jun 2016

Running time

2 hours 15 minutes


Recommended 16+ (Due to nudity, scenes of sexual violence & themes of an adult nature)