"visually and verbally vivid"
-The Guardian-

"Beckett, I think, would have approved."

"balances comic absurdity with despair"
-The Evening Standard-

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Mark Lawson
"In both this fascinating curiosity (Rough For Theatre II) and the more celebrated Endgame, Radcliffe and Cumming achieve the Beckett paradox of exhilarating bleakness."
Sarah Crompton
"We are here and now, living Beckett's succession of "bloody awful days", as Hamm sits perched on a throne-like chair in a world where everything is running out and dispenses his solipsistic, cruel words."
The Evening Standard
"Radcliffe and Alan Cumming also have the exquisite timing and rhythm of a seasoned double act as the servant, Clov, and master, Hamm, playing out the same old power games as their bodies steadily decay."