"A terrific performance, beautifully realised."

"Devastatingly acute and painfully familiar."
-The Independent-

"The distilled essence of the phenomenon."
-The Evening Standard-

Sorry, Fleabag closed on 14 Sep 2019

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Sarah Crompton
"But it is Waller-Bridge's writing and performance that create Fleabag's world. Words land with precise comic weight, but also with a relish for their sound, beat and emotion. Each character and situation is exactly encapsulated and what you get on stage – which you didn't on TV – is her vivid mimicry of the people she meets."
Holly Williams
"Is it worth seeing it live if you’ve loved the TV show? For sure. Waller-Bridge is a compelling performer, and a little over an hour in her company is a treat. She’s very good at orchestrating Fleabag’s little rug-pulls on the expected behaviour of women, which feel springy even if we now know to expect them."
The Evening Standard
"And at heart, this is storytelling in a beautifully pure form: just Waller-Bridge, her rolling eyes and expressive half-sneer, a chair, a couple of voice-overs and some distressing guinea pig sound effects."