"Witty, sad and clever"
-The Evening Standard-

"Packs a considerable punch"
-London Theatre-

"Top-class comedy"
-Broadway World-

Sorry, Home, I'm Darling closed on 13 Apr 2019

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Henry Hitchings
"An intriguing study of marriage’s reliance on role-play, as well as an original, sometimes unsettling look at the masks people put on in order to conceal their pain"
Mark Shenton
"The play offers bracing and constantly shifting perspectives, underneath a regular soundtrack of laughter. In this regard, it is structurally similar to the best of Alan Ayckbourn, a playwright who also buries keen character observation underneath an apparently sunny surface."
Broadway World
"Its gorgeous 50s style makes it a treat just to look at, colour-coordinated with Lucy Carter's lighting design. I'd go so far as to class it as one of the stars of the show, particularly when you watch in awe at a scene transition early on in the second act."