"So fun that even atheists will enjoy it."
-The Evening Standard-

"Still an absolute must."
-The Stage-

"Remains a spectacle."

Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets

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The Evening Standard
"There’s a touch of A Star Is Born to Timothy Sheader’s swaggering production, which transfers from Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre to the Barbican. Arming the Son of God with an acoustic guitar, it points to our increasingly hysterical search for a saviour in an era of false populist idols."
Tim Bano
"But, rising again for the third time, suddenly confined by the four walls of the Barbican theatre, it has made no effort to restrain itself, and at times it’s just too much. It’s still fairly obvious that this is a show built to be outdoors."
"It isn't hard to see why the show was such a critical and audience success the first time around, and even three years down the line, the piece feels like a hot take on what could easily have become a tiring classic."