"rich in humanity and experience"
-London Theatre-

"history in microcosm"
-The Arts Desk-

"a bittersweet show"

Sorry, Kunene and the King closed on 28 Mar 2020

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Mark Shenton
"As directed by Janice Honeyman in a co-production between the RSC and Cape Town's Fugard Theatre, this is an international theatre collaboration that's a miniature gem. A play about human dignity and outreach, it dignifies the West End, too."
The Arts Desk
"But if that makes you expect some sort of public action on a grand scale, think again: this two-hander is a character study of two men, one white, one black, both in their own ways alone, both encountering death, the details of whose lives gradually grow into something that speaks on a sotto-voce note about where the country is today."
"Kani’s writing tends towards the expositional, especially on the subject of politics, and the dialogue can lurch from theme to theme. But Janice Honeyman’s production has two really affectionate performances, laced with the melancholy of ageing and the fear of mortality."