"Surprisingly joyous"
-The Independent-

"Fine actors illuminate the plays"

"An excellent evening"

Sorry, Landscape / A Kind of Alaska closed on 08 Dec 2018

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Paul Taylor
"Lloyd has done a dazzling job of curating. The arrangement of the material is wonderfully suggestive – each mixed bill is more than the sum of its parts – but the connections that surface are not forced down your throat. There's nothing remotely precious or elitist in the proceedings."
Sarah Crompton
"Tamsin Greig and Lee Evans reveal themselves as perfect Pinter protagonists. Both bring that awareness of the precision and panache of Pinter's language to portrayals that reveal the writer's other great quality – his obsession with loneliness and the lingering mysteries of existence."
"What Jamie Lloyd has achieved here is a true ensemble. Like Pinter One, the plays and sketches are stitched together seamlessly and complement each other."