""The young cast bubbles over with enthusiasm. Although the performances aren’t consistently polished, they are vigorous.""
-The Evening Standard-

""When the company sing about wanting a 'Ticket Outta Loserville', they were not, from where I was sitting, on their own.""
-The Independent-

""I found myself gazing longingly at the exit sign, desperate to escape this derivative pop-culture pap.""
-The Daily Telegraph-

Sorry, Loserville closed on 02 Mar 2013

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About the show

Loserville is set in the 1970s, but features a contemporary score by the front man of pop sensation 'Busted', James Bourne, who has written four number 1 hit records and has sold out arenas all over the country. This fresh and original musical takes a look at the world where computer geeks are top of the class, and relationships, love, music and rock and pop are top of everyone's agenda. The colourful cast of characters will appeal to audiences on many levels, and the sharp witty book keeps the laughs rolling along. The cast features: Jade Albertsen, Sophie Ayers, Eliza Hope Bennett, Laura Bennett, Robbie Boyle, Matthew Bradley and Daniel Buckley. Don't miss this chance to see a brand new British musical in the West End!

The show is set in the early 1980s in an American High School at a time before E-mail communication had taken off. The usual cliques exist, with the popular and hunky jocks dating the sassy cheerleaders, whilst the computer nerds sit alone in the computer lab trying to work out how to send the world's first email. As a new girl arrives on campus she sets hearts racing as she has both brains and looks, creating competition to win her affections. Will Michael Dork be able to impress her by showing her all of the stars in the universe? Will the evil Eddie Arch steal her away and get her to help him take over his Dad's company? Will Lucas Lloyd ever finish his book? And what exactly is Britney doing with all of that tin foil? Find out the answers to these and so much more when you step into the colourful world of Loserville.

Who Should See It?

Fans of teen-pop sensation 'Busted' will instantly love the eclectic score put together by one of the band's key members, and will empathise with the engaging and interactive story. Theatre fans will enjoy seeing a brand new British musical in the West End, featuring an original score, book and production that brings a wave a fresh air to the theatre scene.

Loserville appeals to teenagers, although may contain some themes that are inappropriate for younger children.


Michael Dork: a self confession computer nerd who is attempting to send the world's first email and win the affection of new girl Holly Manson. 

Eddie Arch: The jock who is in love with Leia Dawkins. He notices Holly's talents and tries to get her to help him win his father's company. 

Holly Manson: The new girl at school who is hiding a dark secret. She is both brainy and pretty, and has all of the boys chasing her. 

Playing at

Garrick Theatre
Charing Cross Road
Seating Plan

Garrick Theatre seating plan

Booking period

1st Oct 2012

22nd Jan 2021

2nd Mar 2013

Running time

2 hours 15 minutes