"Claire Foy and Matt Smith are magnetic"
-Time Out-

"a real breath of fresh air"

"an acting masterclass"
-The Evening Standard-

Sorry, Lungs closed on 09 Nov 2019

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Andrzej Lukowski
"Historically, there have not been a lot of good plays about climate change. ‘Lungs’ isn’t a flat-out masterpiece: but it is a good play about climate change, and I hope this production has a life beyond its current brief stint."
Sarah Crompton
"Its smartness resides in the fact that it takes a big, unwieldy subject – climate change and its effect on people's decision-making as they try to consider the future of the planet – and boils it into a domestic situation that everyone can recognise."
The Evening Standard
"Foy, though, is required to be volatile, irrational, resplendent, scathingly witty and broken, and she accomplishes it all. Her comic timing is impeccable and she can turn the mood to tragedy in an instant."