"a rapturous delight"
-The Guardian-

"a medicinal sugar-rush"
-The Daily Telegraph-

"a journey into the human heart"

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Michael Billington
"Travers scholars may still miss the darkness of the books, but for the rest of us the show is an unassailable treat and Eyre’s production has acquired the heart to go with its art."
Dominic Cavendish
"So, frankly, never mind the needs of the children this Christmas. It’s we careworn adults who stand to benefit the most from the “jolly holiday with Mary”, a medicinal sugar-rush dispensed not so much by the spoonful as by the crateful."
Sarah Crompton
"The musical's best sequences are those that just let rip with joy and wonder. Richard Eyre directs with pace and panache, much helped by the choreography of Matthew Bourne (who is also co-director) and Stephen Mear which use sophisticated dance steps to bring statues to life and raucous, wonderful tap to set the chimney sweeps surging across the stage in "Step in Time"."