""Witty lyrics are superbly sung""
-London Theatre 1-

""An incredibly cohesive production""

""A surprisingly sweet and complex story""
-The Stage-

Sorry, Mythic closed on 15 Dec 2018

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London Theatre 1
"A well-polished professional production which, in a fast-paced 90 minutes (no interval), brings the world of the Greek gods and their rebellious offspring thrilling to life."
"Each song feels like a chart-topping hit, from uplifting chorus number "It's a Myth" to rock n'roll headbangers and grunge anthems like "Dark Damaged Soul" and "Not a Chance in Hell"."
Tim Bano
"Everything is well judged. Everything works. From Sarah O’Gleby’s just-lively-enough direction and choreography to the set, the lights, the score, the band."