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About the show

The one and only Stephen Fry writes and stars in Mythos A Trilogy: Gods, the first instalment of a set of new plays. Catch this evocative piece of storytelling for one performance only at the London Palladium on 13 September 2019.

Gods marks the first part of the series, followed by the plays Heroes and Men which play on the subsequent night. The master storyteller, Fry himself, commands the stage, making this an unmissable one-off. See the full set together, or witness Gods as a standalone piece. All three parts are full-length plays.

Be immersed in Greek mythology, in which the gods rain down both love and punishment, and nurture the destiny of man from primordial being to their creation of the Greek pantheon.

Don't miss the award-winning Stephen Fry in Mythos A Trilogy: Gods at the London Palladium on 13 September 2019 only.

Who Should See It?

If you're a fan of Stephen Fry through his television work, films, books or charity work (the list goes on), you'll want to grab this chance to see the man himself performing his very own work on stage for a very limited time.

Playing at

London Palladium
Argyll Street
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London Palladium seating plan

Booking period

13th Sep 2019

11th Apr 2021

17th Sep 2019

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