"A rib-splitting treat."
-The Evening Standard-

"[...] there are few things funnier."

"The “play gone wrong” par excellence."
-The Independent-

Sorry, Noises Off closed on 04 Jan 2020

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The Evening Standard
"Although Syal and Owen are the centres of gravity, this is very much an ensemble piece. The characters’ emotional collisions and the elaborate physical business mesh like the workings of a Swiss watch. Particularly in the middle act where passions boil over mostly in mime, because everyone is observing the convention of backstage silence."
"Good farce isn’t just about slamming doors and mistaken identity, it’s about human frailty as well. ‘Noises Off’, though, is a great farce: it manages to be about both those things and simultaneously works as an affectionate love letter to regional theatre."
The Independent
"But the best part? There are no topical references. No politics. It would have been so easy. But there isn’t one mention. Just the dishevelled beauty of a self-contained omnishambles, a Schadenfreude nightmare brought to life by the sheer force of human incompetence."