"An ingenious and talented team"
-The Financial Times-

"So polished, it defies belief"
-The Daily Telegraph-

"A success story that could run and run"
-Evening Standard-

Sorry, Showstopper! The Improvised Musical closed on 20 Apr 2020

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Sarah Hemming
Improvisation is, for most people, a terrifying prospect. The joy here is in watching the team gleefully and expertly face down that fear, using ingenuity, mutual trust and a great range of musical skill. The three-strong band (Duncan Walsh Atkins, Chris Ash and Craig Apps) switch styles and dream up tunes instantaneously, the witty, quick-thinking actors (on this occasion eggido, Ruth Bratt, Justin Brett, Pippa Evans, Andrew Pugsley and Sarah-Louise Young) create lyrics, dialogue, plot and deliver soaring numbers that would quite often not disgrace a fully fledged musical.
Dominic Cavendish
Although the set could hardly be skimpier (a handful of movable stage-flats, bare-brick surrounds), this is impro with the full accent on pro: top-dollar amusement that doesn’t let up from frisky, low-key start to standing ovation-inducing finish. It’s so polished, it defies belief.
Bruce Dessau
There was plenty of snap, crackle and pop and an almost telepathic rapport between the performers. Tweeted interval suggestions prompted new set-ups, including an opening verbal montage of fake headlines, “Oxygen Gives You Cancer…Montages Give You Cancer”, sung in the style of Fiddler on the Roof.
Neil Norman
I feared the worst, with an aversion to most devised shows and anything involving audience participation but this enterprise confounds all expectations.