"Five stars for Six? I think so."
-Evening Standard-

"Coherent, confident and inventive."
-The Daily Telegraph-

"A [...] hugely entertaining history remix."

Six Tickets

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Fiona Mountford
"This is quite the most uplifting piece of new British musical theatre I have ever had the privilege to watch and the fact that it comes from two 23-year-olds, Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, who graduated only last year, is even more delightful."
Dominic Cavendish
"The switches in tempo and shifts in genre – here some soul, there an onrush of electro – suggest that Marlow and Moss have learned much from Hamilton, which the show at times recalls. Yet it has its own manifest cheeky British personality."
Daisy Bowie-Sell
"And the smartness of Six is that it's not trying to be anything other than it is: a cross between a musical and a pop concert, complete with an energising feminist call to arms and an opportunity to offer a new slant on the stories of six women from history."