"This satirical piece about the MPs' expenses scandal raises a few titters but lacks the brutal logic of first-rate farce"
-The Guardian-

"Dan Patterson and Colin Swash’s lazy satire gets a far better production than it deserves"
-The Financial Times-

"a glibly conceived and poorly executed play"
-What's On Stage-

Sorry, The Duck House closed on 29 Mar 2014

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About the show

Fans of political satire such as 'Have I Got News For You' and 'Mock The Week' will love this hilarious new comedy that's set in the world of dodgy politicians. Written by political comedians Dan Patterson and Colin Swash, this brand new play brings the Parliamentary panic of Westminster to the London stage, satirizing everything from the MPs Expenses Scandal to backroom party politics.

'The Duck House' opens in May 2009 just as Gordon Brown's Government faces absolute meltdown. With the General Election a year away, a Labour backbencher Robert Houston does whatever he can to cling on to his seat, even if that means switching sides! As he prepares to change colour from red to blue, his final interview with Sir Norman Cavendish is rocked by the breaking of the Expenses Scandal. As MPs find themselves called into question, everything from second homes, hanging baskets and duck houses is called into question, and Robert and his staff find themselves in deep waters...

Comedian Ben Miller stars as Robert Houston, the fictional side-shifting backbencher. He is most famous for his TV work which includes the Armstrong and Miller Show and Death in Paradise. He was last seen in the original West End cast of The Ladykillers. He will be joined by Nancy Carroll, who has performed in hit plays with the RSC and National Theatre and was recently in The Recruiting Officer at the Donmar Warehouse. Singer Diana Vickers co-stars following her number one debut album and role in the 2009 revival of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.


Who Should See It?

Fans of political satire will enjoy laughing at this brand new comedy, staring a number of familiar faces to music, TV and theatre fans.

Playing at

Vaudeville Theatre
The Strand
Seating Plan

Vaudeville Theatre seating plan

Booking period

27th Nov 2013

22nd Jan 2021

29th Mar 2014

Running time

2 hours 20 minutes