"enjoyable on its own terms."
-The Guardian-

"[a] sweet, scrappy show."
-The Evening Standard-

"[an] overly broad production."
-The Stage-

Sorry, The Man in the White Suit closed on 07 Dec 2019

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Michael Billington
"It is all hectically and boisterously theatrical but what I missed was the movie’s quietly satirical portrait of a sclerotic society in which it appeared nothing would ever change."
The Evening Standard
"Overall, this looks like an attempt to emulate Richard Bean’s hit, One Man, Two Guvnors – a retro setting, a hapless hero, a show dependent on the likeability of its star. Mangan clowns, capers and quips like a manic virtuoso, with Tointon keeping nimble pace, but ultimately it’s not quite enough to save the enterprise from mediocrity."
Natasha Tripney
"It wouldn’t have taken much to make it feel timely, but Foley’s production doesn’t trust the audience. It underlines each contemporary parallel heavily to make sure no one misses it. Hard as the cast works, and they work very hard, the whole thing feels laboured."