"a proper theatre moment"
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"A theatre museum"
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"Christie's trap still snaps shut."
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The Mousetrap Tickets

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About the show

After a remarkable stint in London's West End playing continuously since 1952, Agatha Christie's thriller is still going strong. Based on a short story, the play has become the longest running theatrical event in the world and is now firmly one of London's top tourist attractions. One evening in a snow storm a series of guests arrive at a Manor House only to find out one of them is the suspect in a murder investigation. As the evening is interrupted by the arrival of the Police, each guest fears for their own safety as well as becoming a police suspect. This murder mystery is one of the cleverest examples known to British theatre and should not be missed.

The play is set in the Great Hall of Monkswell Manor and begins in a snow storm after a girl is reported dead in London. Guests begin to arrive at the Manor house, and each have their suspicions about who may have committed the crime. After another murder is committed in the Manor, suspicions are raised and it is clear that the murderer is one of the assembled party. The plot is famous for its twist ending, and you are asked at the end of each performance to keep it a secret. Defying the conventions of the usual murder mystery, The Mousetrap continues to be one of the most prolific examples of detective drama.

Who Should See It?

Amateur sleuths and fans of crime novels will be drawn into Agatha Christie's impressive story. With twists and turns at every corner as well as a shock ending, this play will keep you guessing into the final scene. Those who enjoy a suspense thriller will be drawn in by this classic production, which is a good chance to see an original piece of theatre history.

The Mousetrap is recommended 12+. Under 5s will not be admitted into the venue.

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  • Mollie Ralston – New owner of Monkswell Manor, and wife of Giles. She becomes a suspect early on and is berated by her guests.

  • Giles Ralston – Mollie's husband who assists her in the running of the Manor. He returns from London and is suspiciously wearing the same coat and scarf described by the police.

  • Christopher Wren – A hyperactive young guest who is the first to arrive at the manor. He is disliked by other guests for his strange behaviour and admits that he has a secret to share.

  • Mrs Boyle – A harsh and bitter older lady who is quick to jump to accusations.

  • Major Metcalf – A shady retired army major who keeps details of his life strictly private.

  • Miss Casewell – An intimidating woman who appears manly and aloof. She tells of living a life full of drama.

  • Mr Paravicini – Turning up in a snow storm, he speaks with a thick accent and appears to be wearing make up. Has a lot of secrets from the other guests.

  • Detective Sergeant Trotter – The policeman who comes to investigate the murder and assures the group they will be in safe hands.

Playing at

St Martin's Theatre
West Street
Seating Plan

St Martin's Theatre seating plan

Booking period

25th Mar 1974

26th Jun 2022

28th Jan 2023

Running time

2 hours 15 minutes (including an interval)


Best for age 12+. Under 5s not permitted.