"an utterly stand-out cast"

"The music is miraculous"

"boasts a great score"
-The Stage-

The Prince of Egypt Tickets

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"Anyone who fell in love with the animated DreamWorks classic in the last 20 years (as this critic very much did) will not leave disappointed – much in the same way that Disney's Aladdin or The Lion King musicals are often an ode to their silver screen counterparts."
"In its best moments, it has the rousing power of ‘Les Misérables’. But with gritty recent revivals of the likes of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ showing that Biblical musicals can feel contemporary, this one seems stuck in the past."
Tim Bano
"Other, smaller moments pack more of a punch: the ensemble clustering together to play the burning bush, or the zipping chariot race towards the beginning. Schwartz Jr ‘s directorial style lands halfway between the gestural and the literal, but satisfies neither."