"a riot of colour and motion"
-The Evening Standard-

"[a] plush festive treat"

"a gorgeous swirl of storytelling and style"
-The Independent-

Sorry, Matthew Bourne's The Red Shoes closed on 19 Jan 2020

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The Evening Standard
"Bourne’s greatest achievement is making this two-hour ballet not only theatrical, but downright cinematic [...] For, to paraphrase Roger Ebert, you less watch The Red Shoes than bathe in it. And Bourne’s version too is gorgeous to look at..."
"Bourne revels in the distinction between staging art and creating it – the former perfunctory, adroit and regimented, the latter messy, intense, fraught, draining and ultimately enchanting."
The Independent
"That backstage world is one of the joys of this production. The Ballet Lermontov is marvellously realised, from the perfect period costuming to the little feuds and romances running through the background."