"This show is the real deal"
-The Independent-

"A satisfying mixture of whimsy, warmth and sadness"
-The Evening Standard-

"All in all, Waitress is a treat"

Sorry, Waitress closed on 13 Mar 2020

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Paul Taylor
"...it says a lot for the fast sass and wonderful take-it-or-leave-it silliness and the occasional sugar-free sequences in Jessie Nelson's deft book that the spot-on cast in Diane Paulus's production mostly manage to give these elisions an elating good humour and humanity."
Henry Hitchings
"Sara Bareilles has crafted a propulsive score and lyrics packed with poppy nostalgia. The best of them are soaringly delivered by Katharine McPhee, who’s engaging as the perpetually disappointed Jenna."
Sarah Crompton
"It takes its wild ingredients and mixes them together to make a strangely satisfying and charming show."