"glistens with irresistible, snow-topped charm"
-The Guardian-

"shiny as a newly unwrapped [...] bauble"
-The Daily Telegraph-

"old-school festive magic"

Sorry, White Christmas closed on 04 Jan 2020

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The Guardian
"There are few surprises and it wouldn’t scrape past the Bechdel test, but White Christmas still has us beaming throughout. Count Your Blessings passes from mouth to mouth, and the show frames love and music as the best possible gifts you can give."
Dominic Cavendish
"In its male leads, Danny Mac and Dan Burton, it offers the nostalgic pleasure of square-jawed decency – a welcome holiday from our tantrumy Trump age."
"Danny Mac and Dan Burton are a winsome central double act, puppyish and energetic enough to sell their scenes of tortuously engineered romantic misunderstandings and heavily dated horseplay, even if Michael Brandon’s charisma-light performance doesn’t make the general feel worth all their trouble."