"An Agatha Christie classic in an imposing setting"
-The Times-

"Ingenious courtroom drama fits perfectly in this debating chamber"
-The Guardian-

Witness for the Prosecution Tickets

About the show

This landmark production of Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution transforms the council chamber of London County Hall into the courtroom, where audiences can feel as if they are truly part of the drama.

Leonard Vole's life hangs in the balance as he fights allegations that he murdered a widow to inherit her wealth. He must defend his innocence and convince the jury that he is wrongfully accused. Each twist and revelation plays out as if the court case is real and the audience is there, with some of them even taking seats in the jury.

Based on Christie's 1925 short story of the same name, this production, directed by Lucy Bailey, first opened in 2017 and quickly gained critical acclaim for its unique and immersive staging. The production design by William Dudley and lighting by Chris Davey compliment the authenticity of sitting in an actual courtroom and watching a real-life murder case unfold.

Witness for the Prosecution has quickly become one of London's must-see productions. It creates an immersive experience where the world of Agatha Christie has never felt more real.

Who Should See It?

Witness for the Prosecution is an essential experience for any lovers of crime drama and theatre productions that go that extra mile to immerse the audience.

This production is recommended for ages 10+. Babes in arms are not admitted.

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Playing at

London County Hall
London County Hall
Seating Plan

London County Hall seating plan

Booking period

14th Sep 2021

6th Feb 2023

8th Oct 2023

Running time

2 hours 15 minutes (including an interval)


Best for age 10+. Babes in arms not admitted