Best Cheap Seats For Hamilton at Victoria Palace Theatre London

It is the show that made headlines in 2017 for prices that soared over £200, but cheap Hamilton tickets are not difficult to find if you know where to look! This juggernaut West End production has broken box office records, won countless awards and introduced thousands of fans to live theatre. Seats can start from under £30 and with lots of options for less than £80, it is easier than you might think to be “in the room where it happens”. 

Keep reading for our top tips on finding the best cheap seats for Hamilton and you’ll be able to see one of the 21st century’s best musicals without spending a fortune. 

What are the best value Hamilton West End seats? 

Prices for Hamilton in London range from under £30 to an eye-watering £200 or more for premium central seats at weekend performances. There are however lots of seats available for less than half this price, including restricted view seats that we would class as hidden gems. Whether you decide to sit at the side of the Stalls or further back in the Circle, you can find a great value option with a price tag to feel smug about.

The Best Cheap Hamilton Seats Under £50

Grand Circle J2 (from £24) is one of the cheapest seats in the theatre, and may not be ideal if you are tall because legroom is tight. Expect to miss some action on the upper level of the set but at such a low price the view is remarkably good.

Royal Circle G1 (from £47) has limited legroom, but for the view many theatregoers confirm you don’t miss much at all. There is no seat in front, so you can even avoid the risk of someone’s head being in the way!

Grand Circle A38 (from £47) is far back and to the side, so you miss a bit of action on the same side – but the view is very good value for what you pay. 

The Best Cheap Hamilton Seats Under £80

Stalls E8 (from £68.40) is marked restricted view because you will miss some action from the walkway but it is very immersive and close to the stage. One SeatPlan reviewer even said they, “Did not feel like I’d missed out by sitting there”!

Top Tip: Many restricted view seats at either end of the Stalls can be £100 or more cheaper than premium seats. You will miss some parts of the show from these angles, but not enough to wish you’d paid twice as much!

Royal Circle H5 (from £62.50) has a slightly restricted view of the set’s upper level on the right-hand side, but is otherwise an impressive seat for the price and is at a great angle if you want to enjoy a panoramic look at the set and choreography.

Grand Circle H19 (from £68.40) is far back but very central, and on an aisle for extra legroom. This section feels very steep so may not be suitable for anyone with limited mobility or vertigo.

What are the cheapest seats at Hamilton?

The cheapest seats available to book for Hamilton in London are the Slip seats and Boxes. These start at just £20 and the comfort, legroom and view reflect the price; you will mainly notice that the top level of the set is harder to see from these seats. However, for theatregoers on a tight budget, these are worth considering.

If you want to book these seats, check the Victoria Palace Theatre seating information on Theatre Monkey or SeatPlan; many theatregoers have left reviews and photos of their experience in these seats, such as Grand Circle Box C1

More Tips For Cheap Hamilton Seats

When booking for Hamilton, there are a few extra things to remember when deciding on the best value cheap seats:

  • It is mainly performed in the centre of the stage so you will not miss too much action from cheaper side seats
  • The Victoria Palace Theatre has a high stage; the front row is cheaper than those behind it, but you will need to look up
  • The Royal Circle overhang can cut off the view of the upper level on stage, so you might prefer side seats over rear Stalls seats of a similar (or even more expensive) price

Do you have any tips for cheap seats at Hamilton?

Have you opted for cheap seats at Hamilton? What did you think? If you have any other tips for saving money at this hugely popular musical, let us know in the comments.

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