Best Cheap Seats For ABBA Voyage at ABBA Arena London

It cost an estimated £140 million to produce, but if you want to sing “Mamma Mia!” at a pocket-friendly price, there are plenty of cheap ABBA Voyage tickets! The show’s custom-built venue has audience experience at the heart of its design so the best cheap seats for ABBA Voyage are the cheapest in the entire auditorium! With three main seating and standing areas to choose from, starting from just £65, we’ve outlined the very best cheap seats for ABBA Voyage below – at prices that will have you singing, “my, my, how can I resist you…”!

What are the best value ABBA Voyage seats? 

We would heartily recommend you sit in the cheapest seats in Blocks K and F; you may not be facing head-on to the stage from here, but the ABBAtars, lighting effects and music look and sound just as incredible as they do from premium seats. These start from around £65 and are fantastic value.

ABBA Voyage has a variety of seating, standing and private booth options that promise unique experiences of the show and its innovative concert experience. Unlike many venues that welcome multiple shows a year, the ABBA Arena was built to host ABBA Voyage, which means that the auditorium seating shape and sightlines have been carefully considered to make sure the experience from every seat is genuinely great value for money. 

Best ABBA Voyage Seats Under £70

Block F P6 (from £65.50) is right at the back of the ABBA Arena, but as one SeatPlan reviewer puts it, “because you are so far back you experience all the lighting effects which are awesome”! 

Block K C11 (from £65.50) is towards the front of the cheapest seating blocks, and although you miss some of the screens at either side of the stage, you can still see the ABBAtars themselves performing all the pop supergroup’s hits.

Block K F14 (from £65.50) is another cheap seat with a view to take your breath away – to the side, but the stage is clearly visible.

Block F E1 (from £65.50) is as far to the side of the stage as you can get, so the ABBAtar effect is not as realistic as it would be from a central seat. However, it is still an awesome experience with stunning effects throughout! 

Block F C13 (from £65.50) is another 5-star cheap seat; according to one ABBA fan, “the screen is so large anyway you can see everything clearly”.

Top Tip: The cheapest seats start at around £65.50 on Monday – Thursday, so if you can make a midweek trip to see the show it will save you a bit of money. There are different prices during peak performances on Friday – Sunday.

Is the Dance Floor good value for money?

The Dance Floor at ABBA Voyage isn’t technically a seating option, but as one of the cheapest places to see the concert, is worth considering if you can stand for longer periods. The Dance Floor starts at around £90 and you are free to move around and pick a spot that suits you. If you arrive early, you can also get close to the stage – just like any other gig! The jaw-dropping, life like ABBAtars and special effects look fantastic from here and the atmosphere is unparalleled if you are attending with a group of friends.

Share Your Tips For ABBA Voyage Cheap Seats

Have you danced the night away on the Dance Floor, sat in the cheapest seats, or even booked a Dance Booth at ABBA Voyage? Let us know what you thought – and which of the best cheap seats for ABBA Voyage you would recommend for your fellow Dancing Queens!

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