Where to sit to get the best value on tickets for & Juliet

& Juliet has been making waves among musical theatre fans in recent months. Combining Shakespeare with a fantastic soundtrack of pop hits from songwriter and producer Max Martin, & Juliet tells the story of what might have happened if Juliet Capulet had survived the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. After taking audiences by storm in Manchester, & Juliet has arrived in the West End. If you’re looking for the best value seats, we’ve looked at the user reviews over at SeatPlan.com and put together our top picks for where to sit at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

For & Juliet, most rows are the same price band throughout, so take the opportunity to get a more central seat if you can for the best view possible. If you’re taller, this also gives you the possibility of an aisle seat for that little extra legroom!

The seating plan of the Shaftesbury Theatre, London
The Shaftesbury Theatre seating map on SeatPlan.com shows you which seats are well-reviewed by users

Premium tickets for this show don’t carry the heftiest price tag of all West End shows, but they still clock it at just under £100. It doesn’t need to be said that these seats boast the clearest and best views of the stage, so they’re definitely not to be sniffed at if you can afford it.

In the Stalls, the cheapest option is the back two rows – X and Y – which sit in Band D at around £50. Whilst they may seem far from the stage, one user at SeatPlan.com has shown that the view is still very good, despite the overhang of the Royal Circle above

A view from the back rows of the Stalls at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London
For the lower price, the back rows of the Stalls are well worth considering

Band C tickets in the stalls are rows V and W, and are around £62.50. For the extra £12.50, you’ll only be two rows further forward, and the view is much the same. If you want a cheaper seat in the stalls, we’d recommend saving that little extra and opting for the Band D seats

A view of the stage from the Royal Circle at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London

The Royal Circle comprises Bands A – C, and so isn’t the most budget friendly option. Similarly to the Stalls, the back two rows – L and M – are the cheapest in this section, but still find themselves around the £62.50 mark. If you do want a mid-priced seat, though, these are good options. A reviewer for seat L18 – a central seat in the back row of the Royal Circle – said her seat offered a “nice, clear, straight-on view of the stage”.

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest ticket options are in the Grand Circle, which is made up of seats priced in bands D – F. Be warned though, that although the first two rows carry the biggest price tag in this section, many of the seats here – especially in Row A – carry a “restricted view” warning due to a safety rail. If you’re looking in this section, you’ll get more value for money by looking at Rows D-E (which come it at £40), or Rows G, H and J, which are the cheapest option in the theatre at £22.50. The experience from these cheapest tiers is, of course, more distant, but offer surprisingly clear views. A SeatPlan.com user who sat in Seat D20 of the Royal Circle said they had “no issues with sight lines” thanks to the steep rake in this section, an another in G19 said they had an “excellent view for the price”.

The Shaftesbury Theatre has the benefit of being quite an intimate venue, and so you’ll find it easier to get a good view on a budget for & Juliet. We hope that our top picks for seats have been useful. If you have any top tips for where to sit at the Shaftesbury Theatre, be sure to share them in the comments below!

& Juliet is playing now at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Book your tickets to this fabulous pop-musical here.

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